Fort Collins Mountain Ridge Farm

Mountain Ridge Farm Fort Collins ColoradoThe Mountain Ridge Farm neighborhood is primarily residential, within close proximity to desirable amenities including Westfield Pool for swimming and Westfield Park. It is centrally located between Horsetooth Rd to the North and Harmony to the South and on the desirably West side of town for easy Foothills access.

Recreational Opportunities at Mountain Ridge Farm

Mountain Ridge Farm is within easy access to Spring Canyon Community Park a few blocks west, Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area is located to the south and Pleasant Valley Trail traverses the neighborhood.

Nearby Schools at Mountain Ridge Farm

Webber Middle School is near Mountain Ridge Farm and Front Range Community College is within biking distance to the south. Colorado State Universities (CSU) facilities such as Hughes Stadium for sports games and the CSU Equine Center for Horse events are both within biking distance along Taft Hill Road.

Nearby Schools and Scores

Available Homes In Mountain Ridge Farm

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Recent Sales In Mountain Ridge Farm

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