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Fort Collins is one of those towns that is absolutely chock-full of little gems. Restaurants, shops, bars, festivals. There are so many things to do, but sometimes the best places can  be a little bit tough to find unless you know where to look, or who to ask. That’s why we started this series of blog posts called Fort Collins Favorites. It’s important to us to share all of these hidden gems and awesome finds in the town that we have grown to love.

Today’s find is possibly the best breakfast restaurant in town. That’s right, I’m talking about Lucile’s Restaurant. If you haven’t yet experienced Lucile’s, then you are missing out on one of the most delicious dining experiences in northern Colorado. Lucile’s is a creole cafe inside of an old house with cozy decor and friendly, no-nonsense service. They specialize in a variety of Cajun and creole favorites with some noted New Orleans flair. If you have ever been to the ‘Big Easy’, you will instantly recognize the fried beignets complete with heaping mountains of powdered sugar and coffee cut with chicory, a la Cafe du Monde.

Lucile's Restaurant

Lucile’s Restaurant has the best breakfast in Fort Collins. (photo by David J. via Yelp)

Sitting on the porch at Lucile’s, you can close your eyes, take in the old Dixieland jazz tunes floating through the air, inhale the aroma of chicory and fryer grease and feel as if you had been magically transported to the French Quarter. It’s a great place to get a first-class breakfast with friends and perhaps a mimosa/bloody mary or two as you swap stories about the previous night’s escapades.

Lucile’s serves a variety of traditional egg-centered dishes with a Cajun/creole twist. Try the Cajun breakfast for starters. For the vegetarians among you, Lucy’s oatmeal and the praline waffles are also delicious. Make sure that you order coffee and beignets and prepare to get powdered sugar all over you.

Lucile’s does serve entrees (po’ boys, gumbo etc.), but they are mostly known for their dynamite breakfasts. If you want to go on the weekdays, you can call ahead for seating. But, on the weekends this option is not available, so be prepared to wait a little bit. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Lucile’s Restaurant
400 S Meldrum St
(970) 224-5464

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