Selling Made Easy – Logistics of an Appraisal

When Selling a home the Buyer’s Lender will order an Appraisal some time during the middle of the Contract period.  For our listings, we make sure that the Appraiser must contact our Team to set up a time to do the Appraisal. We will work with you to determine a convenient time for you (and your animals, if applicable) to be away from the home for at least an hour.

At the allotted ‘Appraisal’ time, one of our team members will be present to let them in.  We will prepare and provide to the Appraiser a list of Comparable properties that support how we established the Listing Price. They have no obligation to use our data but we have found it helps to start the conversation on the many positives about the home and in many cases it is mirrored in the Appraisal report.

This is just another of the many things we do to protect your best interests throughout your sale.

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