Although Colorado has nothing on California’s bone-dry reservoirs and rapid lawn replacement efforts, we are still effectively a ‘desert’ when it comes to water. The beautiful Rockies serve to split the ‘growing’ and more populated areas of Mid- and Eastern Colorado from the wetter areas on the Western Slope. This means we have water, just not in the areas where we NEED water.


During any period of inadequate winter snowfall, our priority water system may mean some tough restrictions for homeowners both in availability of water and the cost burden of water use. Preparing a home to function well with minimal water usage before it is needed is a smart investment in the future.

Impact on Real Estate

The impact on Real Estate may be slow to manifest while snowfall is average or above-average, but given a drought year we will likely see an increased popularity and value in homes designed to use water efficiently. In some areas of the Country (most notably California and the Southwest), water-saving measures are on par with energy-saving in adding value to real estate.

Trend In Action

Consider installing low-flow toilets and showerheads. Update your landscaping by using water-smart irrigation sensors or planting native grasses or xeroscape. Collect rainwater (where legally allowed and with a permit.. more on that in a future post).  Go all out with a composting toilet or gray-water recycling system.

What improvements, if any, would you like to see become ‘mainstream’ for water conservation?

– Dee