What is the biggest mistake you could make when selling your home?

Choosing a listing agent based on:

  1. Highest List Price for Your Home
  2. Lowest Commission

We know, that seems silly. You want the highest price and to pay the smallest fees possible, right? Of course! Its how you GET to that goal that matters and the two criteria above are the fastest way to fail.

The Highest Suggested List Price

A Realtor cannot dictate how much a home will sell for and no amount of marketing can override the laws of a market economy. A good listing agent will carefully evaluate the comparable sales (including ‘Days to Offer’, condition, etc), pending sales and active competition in the market. They will educate you on the RANGE where your home falls and the different scenarios you can expect when pricing along that range.

But YOU choose the LIST price.

The BUYER chooses the SALE price.

It’s just that simple. A Realtor can help you to make the most of the current market to maximize the SALE price by being smart about the LIST price.

Three Ways to Choose the Best List Price