Should You Choose an Agent Based on Commission?

Real Estate has a notoriously LOW barrier of entry and unfortunately, it means that there is a lot of chaff with the wheat. Roughly 10% of agents do 90% of the business. Each Realtor has their own process, branding, marketing budget and strategy. Your job is to pick the best fit for your home and for your goals, NOT the agent who offers to work the most cheaply. It is very much a ‘You Get What You Pay For’ scenario.

Why would a Realtor work at a Discount?

Realtor commissions are pretty standard within a given market and there must be a reason why an agent would agree to work for less. Are they new and still learning the business? Do they need the work? The danger here is if the agent can’t compete on service and experience, are they going to be able to negotiate well for your sale?

If we aren’t good enough negotiators to protect OUR bottom line, why would you trust us to protect YOURS?