catherine eusea firstcalWe have worked often with the following lenders and have found them to be very competent and will recommend them without hesitation.

Scott Peterson CornerstoneIn a real estate transaction, there is a lot to be said for using a team of people familiar with one another. This familiarity with work habits and process maximizes coordination and the ability to “get things done.”

Dexter Finley First NationalThe working relationship between you, your Realtor and your lender requires process consistency and good communication. That’s why it is best to use a team that already knows how the rest of the team works.

Choosing the wrong lender is the quickest way to make your home buying experience less pleasant or downright disastrous.

Keep in mind there are as many types of loans as there are types of houses. Each one of these people might offer a different opportunity. If there is time to shop around, you might want to talk with more than one person and compare.