Attention buyers! Have you been frustrated by the online home searching apps that have out of date information? Do you find properties you like and want to see and then find out from your agent that the home is no longer on the market? If this is the case I have a solution for you.

We use a site called Home Buyer’s Scouting Report and it is one of the only online search tools that is updated immediately as there are changes on the MLS. This site is password protected and free to you as a consumer. You just have to ask your agent to set you up on the site. If you agent is not a subscriber we can put you in touch with one that is.

Our clients love this site because it allows them to change their search criteria any time they want, save their favorite homes in a notebook,  and receive instant updates when properties that match their criteria come available or have a price change.

If that wasn’t good enough there’s more… The website just came out with a mobile platform. Now you can search for all your favorite homes on your mobile device! The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about the information being accurate!!

If you are a current user of The Home Buyer’s Scouting Report you can click here and start using the mobile site. Remember to save it to your home screen so you can come back later.

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