No one wants to hear this.  We all have lives to lead, kids to entertain, critters to feed and spouses to pick up after (no? this one’s just me then?).

However, step one to selling your home is just this simple.  Put it away.  Almost all of it.  Clear your counters (kitchen and bath), put your appliances away and start packing anything that isn’t necessary.  If you have heavy furniture, consider storing a few pieces.  Do your best to take the ‘you’ out of the home so that a Buyer can see themselves there.

If you plan to keep it but it is personal, expensive, attached or nonessential then our advice is to pack it up and store it away.  Part of our personal walkthru prior to Listing will help you to identify things that might be distracting to a Buyer versus those that are a necessary part of life and understandable for everyone.

Ready for the next step?  Deep clean, Top to Bottom, Inside Out

Insider tip:  We recommend hosting a garage sale the weekend before Listing to help ‘build buzz’ within your neighborhood (we love to host a ‘pre-Open House’ then too!) AND to help get rid of anything you don’t plan to move with you.