Getting ready to Sell is almost as important as pricing it right from the start.  All of our Sellers are treated with a personal walk-thru to identify those areas that need attention and to suggest small changes that will make a big difference.  These are the top suggestions for Selling Made Easy:

  1. De-personalize, Declutter and Deep Clean.  Leave room for the buyer to see themselves in their own environment, not ‘your home’.
  2. Catch up on deferred maintenance (paint, caulking, repairs, gutters)
  3. Service the Systems (furnace, air conditioner, chimney)
  4. Get Ahead of the Inspection. Bad roof? Broken pipe? Lets address it before we get under contract and have to renegotiate terms to accommodate Buyer fears.
  5. Pick Your Team Well. Even the best homes fail to sell without a good Real Estate team behind them. With a focus on client education, a strong industry reputation and consistent targeted marketing, Everything We Touch Turns to Sold.
  6. Showing Up the Competition – Standing Out from the Crowd

We are happy to provide each Seller with a ‘Selling Made Easy Guide’ customized with our specific recommendations for their home.  Its a great way to keep track of what is truly required to sell at market value and those little things that make a HUGE difference.

Ready for the Next Step?  Ready, Set, Sold