Want to ‘Show’ up your competition?  It’s not hard if you know these simple tips to make the most of every Showing.

  • Clean.  In general, try to keep your house as clean as possible on a weekly basis so that there is less to do if you have short notice before a showing.  You should only need to do a quick vacumn to be ready for a Showing in an hour.
  • Put it away. You’ve hopefully decluttered within an inch of insanity but take a quick trip around and put away the lotion bottle on the counter and the dishes in the dishrack.  Every bit of ‘clear’ space makes a HUGE difference.
  • Light it up!  Turn on every light on every surface in every room in every space.  Open up the window blinds, pull back the curtains and act like you don’t mind your neighbor’s cat making faces at you.  The lighter, brighter and more ‘open’ the better.
  • Keep it cool (or warm).  Make sure that you keep things cool on warm days and warm on cool days.  Its worth upping the thermostat a bit to ensure that Buyers will want to stay inside and fall in love with your home.
  • Smell of Success.  You can’t smell your own home.  I promise.  There is a weird biology at work but ask a friend or neighbor (or us) to come over and smell your home.  Make sure that your adorable kitty/pup or frequent fish dinners aren’t leaving more of themselves behind than you realize.  A lot of Buyers are turned off by fake fragrances, so its best to make sure your home is well vented with fresh air, keep it clean and avoid ‘Caribbean breeze’ air freshener unless truly necessary.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can truly make your home sparkle and out shine your competition.  It’s a lot of work, but if it’s done right you’ll have only a short period of time to keep it up before its time to start packing!

Ready for the Next Step?  Ready, Set, Sold