Realtors don’t always say the perfect thing. Clients don’t always HEAR the right thing. Sometimes that break in the transmission can break the relationship and provide a great reminder for the second agent to mind their words.

Scenario: A young couple looks at a nice, modest home in a popular subdivision with beautiful backyard views across an open expanse of land. They like the house, appreciate the price and love the views. Their first question is “Will They Ever Build Behind Me?”

What would you say?

  • “I’m not aware of any development approval for building on that space at this time.”
  • “Construction has been so slow, it will be years before anything happens.”
  • “Yes, it is likely that will be developed sometime in the future and possibly soon.”
    CORRECT ANSWER: “Yes”, regardless of the status of development.

Fort Collins Open Space Building

    Whether there is an approved development plan or absolutely nothing on the agenda for that land, the default should ALWAYS be yes. I would so much rather have clients purchase with a level of comfort for potential changes instead of being blindsided in the future.
    Our team would certainly research the status with the City and County as well but move forward with the expectation of future construction none the less. If things are not developed then they have the benefit of a beautiful open space for an extended period.
    And, an added benefit would be avoiding this young family trying to raise two little babies in the midst of a construction zone and they’d be calling you again instead of me.  Now its the job of the NoCo Home Team to get it sold fast and find a quiet home for the little ones.
    “Will They Ever Build Behind Me?”
    YEP. Definitely. But let’s hope I’m wrong ;).